W'seru Ihsir


Born into the Wolf tribe of Seekers, Seru's mother was a travelling merchant and alchemist from Ul'dah. She would often take the young Seeker on her trips around the realm and taught him various techniques that she had learned in the lab and on the battlefield. During one of their annual trips to Thavnair she was mistaken for 'property' and the both of them were locked away and forced to work under the mogul-- or else death was certain. Seru was made into a hunter for the man who he grew to despise greatly over the years and any extra coin that he did make was taken away.

Many years later the capture was quite productive and the Mogul no longer drew breath. Seru's mother remained in Thavnair while he ventured off to Eorzea.

Seru grew well acquainted with alchemy-- specifically poisons for both people and monsters, became more technical with spears, and learned how the realm operated in general. Strategy also became something that fascinated him even though most of it went out of the door when he lost himself, others would look into his vast knowledge.

The unruly and often judged (and dangerous) side of the realm also became something that fascinated the Seeker especially since it yielded rare items for alchemy and unmatched prices for them. Black markets and the underground in general are a huge part to his successful plans for the future.

Personality & Hobbies

Seru outside of combat is very cool and collected. With how relaxed he is in nature and despite what he's been through some would straight up just call him lazy at times; a very carefree approach to life and extremely apathetic. Strategy and intelligence are qualities that he often lives by in the eyes of others. But all of that can switch at the drop of a hat when he enters combat; A frenzy unrivaled by any beast that he works himself into. He becomes bloodthirsty, merciless, and an all around hot head when looking an opponent-- man or beast-- in the face. Even his mentor had problems controlling him at times. He is a very proud warrior and won't abandon a fight just because it seems to be going south.

As past times he enjoys sweets of all kinds (his own little secret!), sun bathing on good days, and travelling to different places. You will most likely catch him lounging around wherever he can reach. When he isn't being indolent he'll be testing out new combinations inside of a lab. He can be productive when he wants!

Full Name: W'seru Ihsir

Age: 24

Birthday: 27th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

Race: Seeker of the Sun, Miqo’te

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Hair: Long and silky dark brown hair that flows down his back.

Eyes: Crimson

Height: 5 fulms 10 ilms

Build: Athletic

Distinguishing Marks: Clan markings which are usually hidden.

Common Accessories: Sipahi turban passed down to him. Gold jewelry. Usually some stray sweets that he stashes away or 'borrows' from others.

Profession: Professional 'Hunter', Alchemist of poisons, daily nap taker.

Languages: Common tongue, Hingan.

Residence: Thanalan, La Noscea, Hingashi. Wherever he can lay his head really.

Birthplace: La Noscea

Dislikes: Running out of sweets, being bothered while napping in random places, opponents that don't realize they've already lost.

What I’m looking for - 'Business partners', fellow toxicologist, friendships, potential enemies, connections of all kind! Romantic ships are okay if the direction goes that way (but nothing overnight as he's extremely stubborn in that regard and because that's boring), long-term relationships and stories. While he partakes in mature themes, plots created don't have to be centered around that!

Please keep OOC/IC interactions in their respective places.

What I won't RP: Death. Injuries are okay since it's expected with what he does and he accepts that daily, but death is out of the question.

In light of this- I am not looking for ERP. If anything gets to that point with him it would most likely be a respectful fade to black.

RP style - Normally I write paragraphs of emotes but I generally mirror post of others/ whichever makes them feel most comfortable or whatever the setting calls for. I can adapt!

Schedule - The weekends are usually free for me unless something comes up. After 5PM EST are my free times for the weekdays.

About me - Yo, I go by Howl and I’m extremely laid back! I like to play other games, chat with friends, talk about music, throw memes around, and just chill the hell out. I absolutely love to plot and I'm super interested in hearing about your OCs and anything involving them. I promise you I don't bite!

You can catch me (W'seru Ihsir) in game or DM me on Tumblr.
Or feel free to DM me on Discord - Howl#7428

RP Hooks --

Venomous - Seru concocts and handles his own poisons in whichever lab he can sneak into. This also means that he dabbles in many botanical researches and handlings in his spare time. Anything from toxins, antidotes for said toxins, and various medicinal products. If you’re searching for anything rare that can be grown, he probably has it. These can also be seen in all corners of the black markets to coat weapons, and 'take care of' the unsuspected. This is his main source of income.

Untamable - When in battle he can get far too excited which usually results in him in search for more carnage. He doesn’t really have any remedies for this but is actively looking for some. Despite this he loves a good, respectable opponent and never backs down from a challenge. He gives fair warning if he ever decides to handle some bodyguard work or takes up ‘hunting’ jobs when he isn’t sleeping. Combat is on the lower side of the spectrum for his own sanity.

Sloth - You will probably find him lounging around and being lazy in some far corner of the realm. Relaxation when he isn’t working is key to his psyche. If he can tolerate you he wouldn’t mind someone chatting in his ear, otherwise you’ll just be a bother to him. He adores sweet things so if you bring that along he’ll consider you an ally.

Relic Thief Collector - On the side Seru searches for and legally borrows ancient items hidden away within the land- for better or for worse. Help is always welcome with this endeavor since he’ll most likely find somewhere to nap while the other person does all of the work for him. But he can easily hold his own weight too.

Assistance? - Even though he shows a lack of empathy, Seru will still (reluctantly, perhaps) aid those in need. He could use the faces across the realm and everyone needs friends in all places.